getting started

Once you have decided to get married there is a simple process to follow to get the ball rolling:

  1. Select a date & venue for your ceremony

  2. Book me as your Marriage Celebrant

  3. Complete a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) at least one month before the ceremony with me

  4. I will provide you with my comprehensive wedding booklet that will assist me to create the ceremony of your dreams

  5. Just before the wedding date you both will sign a Declaration of No Legal Impediment Form that I will prepare for you

  6. On your wedding day you each will need to have a witness over the age of 18 to sign the three documents to formalise your marriage

  7. You will both need to bring the following documentation when completing your NOIM:

  • Original birth certificate (showing the date and place of birth) and

  • Photo ID (such as Drivers Licence)


  • Passport issued by the Australian government or a government of an overseas country (showing the date and place of birth)


  • If you have been previously married I will also need to see evidence of your divorce (a decree absolute) or the death certificate of your previous spouse if you are a widower

  • If you have officially changed your name I will need to see your legal proof of name change

  • If any of the documents are written in another language then you should also provide an accredited translation of these documents. Please contact me if you require assistance with this process

I will guide you through this whole process and be available to answer all of your questions along the way. I will prepare and lodge all the paperwork with NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages on your behalf.