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Congratulations to you both on your journey as a couple. It is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming time as you start to plan your wedding day.  

Your wedding is a very special moment in your life and you have to be sure the person you choose to marry you is right for you.

I would love to help you create a truly memorable ceremony.


about me

My name is Melissa Rey Lescure and yes I have to spell it every time but believe me that is the most complicated part about me. I am a Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrant and I have been living in Newcastle for 25 years so I’m almost local.  

I was a Flight Attendant before I moved to France to live for 3 years and I brought back a little souvenir with me and we’ve been married now for 25 years. We speak French at home and I’d be very happy to do a bilingual ceremony for you if you are interested.

I have two beautiful children, one crazy dog and I’ve lost count of how many bicycles we have. I’m a keen rower and you can see me most mornings down on the water at day break.

I love most sports and willing to try almost anything except skydiving & bungie jumping - need I say more.

I am based in Newcastle but cover the Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Port Stevens, Sydney, the beautiful Southern Highlands and much further afield.

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